The rain stopped. I made strawberry muffins from a cheap bag-mix and ate nearly every single one. This ballerina painting that has been in my family for decades found a new home on my shop wall. I started reading (rather, re-reading) a new book. 

Days like this are nice.


  1. Lovely! It;s really difficult to resist eating a whole batch of fresh baked goods for me too. They just never taste as delicious as they do right out of the oven :) love the ballerina and these snapshots of you!

  2. I love days where you can just do what you like. It's nice knowing that if you want to sit and read for another hour, you actually can.
    I also really love your "decor" on the little table next to your lounge.
    Oh and your hair is the most amazing length and colour!

    1. thank you! that's my shop wall so that little 'vignette' changes around quite often.

  3. Such a beautiful painting!
    I adore days like that. Especially muffin filled ones! :)


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