fall is kind of here.

"Fall" is finally here. Florida Fall, at least. which means that the weather is really nice, way less humid but still pretty warm during the day, and a little bit chilly at night. I'll take what I can get. I've been in a slump lately, and this weather definitely changes my mood. 

I spent all week soaking and fixing up some really pretty things for the shop, but the light was so weird all weekend and all my shop photos came out looking green-ish and crazy, like they were taken underwater or. something. I tried again today and the photos came out a little better, so hopefully I'll have those new things listed by the end of the week. Just about eight to ten things, a few perfectly worn-in cotton 1940s dresses, a long edwardian skirt, a 60s jacket, a few pairs of boots and oxfords, and an edwardian tea dress. The palette is mustard, cream, sage, lavender, and brown, and I think those colors are really nice for early Fall. 

I'm trying to get as much done this week as possible, because one week from tomorrow, I'll be flying off to New York for the week. I'm verrrrrry excited. I haven't been there in over three years, and I've never been in the Fall or Winter, which I'm MOST excited about. I can't wait to bundle up and dress for actual Fall weather and stroll the streets of bklyn with my bestest gal. Some things on the itinerary are pretty dress shops, brunch at a french cafe, a dessert date at The Chocolate Room, caramel apple making, and if I'm lucky, a visit to the MET. (all of the best things, basically)

This dress I'm wearing is a dress from the shop, I hated the photos I had because you couldn't tell how cute it really was so I decided to throw it on and take some new ones today since the weather was so nice. It's kind of silly of me to be selling it because this is one of my favorite kinds of dresses, but I'm trying to be better about not keeping every single thing. I do have a shop to run, afterall. So you can find it here.
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