weather patterns.

Still waiting for Fall to arrive in Florida. Eating butternut squash soup, watching horror films, baking with apples; but still no chill in the air. Despite that, I put together an Autumn inspired shop update because today is the first day of Fall and I know many other states are beginning to experience actual Fall weather (very jealous!).

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I had been looking for a dark, plummy lip color for Fall, something inspired by the dark rouge worn by the flappers and follies in the 1920s, and after a few months of no luck I finally found the perfect shade. It's called 'Mahogany', and you can find it online here... only $.99! I think I'm going to go make soup and watch a scary movie and pretend it's actually cold here. Enjoy your first day of Fall (or Spring)!



it's been quiet around here, I know. I've been hiding indoors, hoping Summer will quickly end and Autumn will sweep in, bringing with it crisp air and crunchy leaves and leaving the sticky heat far behind. My heart pitter-patters knowing that so close are the days of leaving my windows open all hours, letting in the cool breeze, the scent of baking pies and burning leaves in the distance. Taking a good book, an old worn quilt, and a mug of hot tea out on my porch and sitting there for hours, reading and sipping til my finger tips are purple and pale and my bones are chilled through.

I tried to put off Fall-decorating-and-celebrating as close to September as I could, but I finally gave in the day before the new month and spent the day soup-making, leaf-garland-hanging, and apple-crisp-baking. Even gussie helped. It won't truly feel like Fall until I feel that first chill in the air, but at least I can surround myself with strings of paper leaves and stacks of old Autumn-hued books in my house for now, as I wait not-patiently for cooler climes to come around. 

On a side note, sometimes when you don't like the way things are going, you have to force a change. There will probably be a lot of that happening in the coming weeks, starting on Tuesday. It's scary and uncertain, but it's more than necessary.
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