shop update.

I haven't been updating as much as I'd like since I moved, mostly because the color of my walls is so hard to work with for shop photos. Depending on the garment color, sometimes it comes out a light, pretty custard-y yellow, and other times it comes out a harsh, dark mustard yellow. Which is fine as a wall color but a bit too severe for shop photographs and definitely not as soft as I'd like. It made it very difficult to create a cohesive look in my shop. 

So...I finally gave up trying to work with my stubborn, difficult walls and painted my shop-photo wall WHITE. It's so much easier to work with now, and I'm still working on it but I think it looks much, much better. Now I'm motivated to list more often (and shop for my shop more) which is a good thing because after all, this is my job.

This week's shop update is filled with pretty 1950s and 1960s dresses with bold prints- perfect for Spring and Summer. A bit of a mish-mash but I wanted to pile in as many new listings as I could just to get caught up. The next one will be a bit more coordinated. All dresses are available in the shop now.


  1. Love all that color! Some really great prints here. :)

    1. thank you! i've been saving all those crazy, bold prints for spring!


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