rainy day storytime.

 We've been having many rainy days lately. The cats and I have been using the rain as our scapegoat. We've been quite lazy this past week; staying in and reading and tea-drinking and snack-making and not much else and blaming it all on the weather. I found this sweet little 1920s poem book amid the stacks of dusty old books in my room, and I just happened to flip to this page about John and his rainy day. How fitting. The weather is our excuse but really, unlike John, we prefer to stay in and be cozy and do nothing (don't tell on us).


  1. I love rainy days. They are so perfect for staying in and doing cozy things! Such a sweet poem. :)

  2. I love rain as a scapegoat, and I love looking at your photos! It's like peering into a Lewis Carrol novel.

    1. that's such a lovely compliment, thank you!


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