oakhill flea.

the flea market i mentioned in my previous post, oakhill flea, ended up being pretty good. i managed to come home with a few little treasures for myself and maybe some for my other shop, thefoxparade. i didn't take any photos while i was there because we arrived kind of late and i was trying to hurry to see all the booths before they packed up and left but a couple of the booths were really good, although some had crazy, unreasonable prices. i came away with some fun things, like old junky glass bottles and little floral hankies (both of which i have plenty but can never seem to resist bringing home anyway), and some cotton twine for packages which i always snap up whenever i find because even though i don't use it up very quickly, i never know when i'll come across it again and i don't want to run out. the loot:

 glass coca-cola bottle c. 1940s

 little photo frame to fill with dried flowers, since i missed out on that one at the antique shop and need to re-create that loveliness!

floral hankies to keep or gift or use with shop packaging. between hankies and antique crochet doilies i have dozens but always snag them anyway because they're so pretty and don't take up much space.

there was one grumpy old curmudgeon of a man at one booth who, when my brother brought me over to show me an old blood pressure monitor, shooed him out of the way, saying "don't fiddle with that, it's older than you are!" to which my brother replied, "so it's not for sale then?" the man said it was, and my brother and i made comments about how silly it was to not let people interested in buying something test it out or even touch it, and ultimately walked away. other than that, everyone was nice and friendly and a few were a little strange but all in all it was good. after the flea, my mom and brother and i went to a pub called mulligan's for lunch and then we were all pretty tired and went home. my mom and i spent the rest of the evening being lazy on the couch watching shows about antiques and auctions, and that's about it.

in exciting news, i asked my mom if she would be interested in driving to savannah one weekend, just to poke around in antique shops and eat at little places and be lazy, and she said she would, so i'm going to start planning and sorting out the details pretty soon.

ideally i'd like to stay at a pretty bed and breakfast in the historic district, like the hamilton-turner inn, which may or may not be haunted, although i'm sure that's out of my price range at the moment. we'll most likely be going in about a month or so, so if anyone is familiar with the area and has any suggestions regarding where to stay, eat, shop, etc, please let me know!


  1. Such lovely finds. I always love the blues and greens of old insulators and I plan to turn some into light fixtures at some point. I'm also jealous of your trip plans. Can't wait to see pics from that trip.

  2. Very pretty hankerchiefs. And Savannah is lovely. I'd offer recommendations, but it's been so many years since I was there. If I think of anything I'll send you a message :)

  3. Ooh, sounds like a fun get away! Your treasures are adorable- one can never have "enough" cute hankies!!!! I love em!


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