i went through a pretty big 'mod' phase years and years ago (didn't everyone?), when all i wore were tights paired with tiny mini dresses and black or silver flats, big rings and cat-eye liner (which i still do). my favorites styles are still split between the 60s and the 20s, i don't find the 1960s nearly as enthralling and romantic as the 1920s and other early 20th century decades, but i still find myself gravitating towards these pieces when i come across them. i found these pretty, glossy patent heels at the estate sale i visited last weekend, and i just couldn't resist. i've been searching everywhere for a pair just like the black ones, but unfortunately these are not my size. both of these are in the shop right now.

                           black 1960s strappy maryjane heels   chartreuse 1960s heels


  1. wow, love the double strap detail!!! I miss Estate sale shopping!

  2. I also went through a mod phase - had the haircut many years ago - now I see it making a big comeback. It's so funny how things keep coming back around. And I love the 20s too. I also probably like these styles because I'm thin but a bit on the tall side, and the a-line 60s skirts/dresses and drop waist 20s stuff works if you're a string bean too :)

  3. I went through a mod phase for sure! Pixie cut, lotsa stripes, mini skirts + tights.

    Thanks for entering the giveaway on my blog!


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