a bit of antiquing.

today and yesterday were pretty much lazy days filled with pajamas and extra sleep, mostly due to the fact that i've felt pretty down lately and needed a few days of comfort, so i sort of forced myself out of the house this afternoon to do some antiquing. i hadn't been thrifting/antiquing since a few days before christmas so i was really having thrifting withdrawals, and also i just wanted to dig through some pretty things. by the time i was dressed and ready to leave the house, i didn't have much time left to get there and look around before they closed, so i rushed out, not realizing until i arrived at the shop that i had forgotten altogether to grab any form of money.

i was upset and annoyed but i browsed around anyway, and ended up finding some pretty things to get when i go back on saturday, including a pink chenille bedpread, a silver metal picture frame with a bow on top, and some pretty framed needlepoints. i also found one of the main things i was looking for and didn't think i'd find anytime soon- a wooden corner shelf to display my vintage shoes and other pretty little trinkets. i found just enough in my wallet to get it, so i was actually able to take that one home today. pictures to come as soon as i find a place for it! i took a few photos while i was there, although many of them are a bit blurry because i always feel awkward taking pictures in stores so i was trying to hurry/be discreet.

lacy vintage dresses.

i loved that cast iron mirror tray on the dresser.

embroidered hankies.

pretty linens and other home decor. the shelf i got looks like the little pink one on the wall but mine is much bigger and sits on the floor. oh, and mine is white. i might paint it, although i'm not sure what color yet.

some quilts and bedspreads. i'm going back for the pink one, and i may have to snag that cute yellow chenille pillow too!
goodnight! xo


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  2. Glad to hear you rested up some, you needed it!
    That mirror tray is amazing! I need to come thrifting with you :D Such a cozy place!

  3. Sounds (and looks!) like a lovely day!

  4. the pics are gorgeous!!

  5. Love love love, I took some last weekend, but with my camera phone, colors didn't do the vintage justice, but you inspired me to load mine up! Thanks ♥

  6. those lacey dresses belong in my closet. {i found your blog in the vintage fashion team discussion} i love it! i'm following you now! keep up the great work.


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