hair inspiration.

my hair is naturally fairly curly, so i typically just blow dry it straight and then twist it up into a loose bun and pin it in place. when i'm ready to leave the house, i take the pins out and let it down, and the result is big loose, slightly imperfect waves. since i've been doing it this way, i've always thought of it as the type of hair you see on a damsel in a silent film; the ones who have their hair pinned up perfectly and then fall down a hill, or get kidnapped, or shaken violently, or some other cliché silent film-era distress, and their hair just sort of falls around their shoulders, all loose and messy but still completely beautiful. aside from my bangs (which are largely 60s inspired at the moment), i like to think that that's what my hair looks like most days. watching boardwalk empire, i couldn't help be inspired by margaret shroeder's gorgeous, slightly careless-looking tousled locks, which seems fairly easy to achieve using the same routine i've been doing and using a large barreled curling iron to add fuller curls here and there. makes me want to grow out my bangs again!

hair perfection:

in additon to hair envy, i can't help but drool over the amazing beaded dresses and lovely cotton tops she wears. one of my favorite dresses from the show:

i love the detail on this top, and in one of my favorite colors right now, sage. :

the perfect everyday blouse, with the perfect little collar to match:

on a related note, i've been adding to my collection of pretty 1920s and 30s underthings lately- tap pants, corsets, flapper bras, etc, and purchased a 1930s lot this week. while not always practical, they're perfect to hang on walls and will undoubtedly pretty up any room!

(all images found via google search)


  1. Yes, I agree her hair is gorgeous-loose without being too messy, and that blue dress is amazing.

  2. I have to start watching this show!


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