new year's eve.

I spent New Year's Eve dressing up in 1920s dresses and coats and jewelry and trying to pick out what I wanted to wear, my room was a mess of silk chiffon and velvet and beads, which is obviously the best kind of mess to have. I decided early in the day that I would spend the evening drinking out of fancy striped paper straws and lighting sparklers, listening to records and having a Buster Keaton marathon, so I wanted to sort of channel one of my favorites, Sybil Seely, but instead I ended up wearing something more Anita Page/Broadway Melody which was perfect because what better time to wear sequins and tap shoes than New Year's Eve? At midnight we lit sparklers and fireworks, but just the small kind that sort of make a fountain and crackle and then die out, which was lovely. 

This week will be frigid, so naturally I'm excited and trying to think of fun cold weather activities to do since this will probably be short lived. Maybe I'll take myself ice skating.


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