Some confectionery dresses I found today:

some for me, some for the shop. (maybe? I haven't tried them on yet but unfortunately they look like my size). If I do part with them, they'll be in the shop just as soon as I spruce them up a bit. I have a mini shop update planned for tomorrow or Friday at the latest...a few pretty jewelry pieces I've collected over the past few weeks and maybe a handbag or two. And then I should have another tiny update of tiny dresses the following week, two or three sweet cotton 1930s little girl dresses and the loveliest 1920s baby dress I ever did see. It looks like a tiny version of an adult dress. I have a little stack of vintage children's clothing and I was never quite sure whether I'd list them in fanciness or not, but they're really cute and I have no need for children's clothing so I'll most likely be putting them in the shop very soon.

I noticed some new followers from the giveaway I held at Vixen Vintage- thank you for following and I hope you'll stick around!


  1. Such pretty party dresses! Love that red one especially. :)

    1. oops- that's the one that i'm keeping!

    2. no wait- it's the shorter pink one that i'm keeping. the red one has a very tiny bust and i don't think i would quite be able to breathe in it.

  2. I absolutely adore the red and blue ones! They're gorgeous.

    Paris of The Vintage Look

  3. gorgeous pieces, cara!!



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