It's cold again. It felt like Spring the other day and now it's freezing, which is fine with me. I went to the library last night and checked out three Nabokov books, maybe the only ones I haven't read. I'm fairly certain that I acquired and read all the books I ever wanted to read by the age of eighteen. I own them all and I've read them all, multiple times, so now what do I do? If you have book suggestions, I'll take 'em. If not, well I guess I'll just keep reading the same ones over and over.

This right here is Oliver Francis, and that little black pile on the pink chair is Henry. Henry is a girl.

This whole week has been busy, moving in and getting ready for a yard sale my mom is having. Going through all my old things and deciding what to get rid of is not my favorite thing to do. But next week things will be a little more calm and I'll actually have time to rearrange and hang pictures and get my house looking how I want it and also start adding new things to my shop again. Since I have less room now, I'm thinking about just gathering up some really great things and doing little 'themed' collections each week or at least a few times a month, instead of just adding things as I find them. Also next week, I'll be able to start going to estate sales and flea markets regularly again, so I hope the weather stays cool.

and here's one more of little Ollie.


  1. Aw, Oliver and Henry are ADORABLE!
    Glad to hear the move went well and now you're up to the fun part of setting up and settling in. :)

  2. Lovely pictures, and lovely blog. This is my first time here and I really like your aesthetic. Pictures of cute cats are always a bonus!

    - Lois x


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