christmas parade day.

Every year we walk to my town's annual Christmas parade, which is mostly just good for being nostalgic about the holidays and also looking at old cars and dogs dressed in Santa costumes. The weather was really nice (but also unseasonable, and my attire is misleading since it was actually about 75°) and I brought along my new camera to take some photos of  wildflowers and Fall leaves, since we finally have a few of the latter scattered about. It's finally flea market weather, so this weekend I'm planning to go to the St John's flea, and then to St. Augustine for their annual Nights of Lights. Which basically is just when they cover the entire town in little white lights and put a big Christmas tree in the town square and have little carolers speckled throughout and jazz bands playing the Christmas classics. It's pretty magical. 

parade escapee

(sorry for the lack of actual parade photos, it literally was just pictures of old cars and dogs dressed in Santa costumes. and I don't think there'd be any interest in seeing any of that)


  1. Love the photo of the red berries and your t-strap shoes are precious. I'm always up for photos of dogs dressed as Santa, btw-haha!

  2. thank you! and I knew there was *someone* out there who would appreciate pet santa photos :)

  3. I can never get enough of t-straps. Love the shoes.

  4. a black outfit is always the best outfit! :) Love the sunglasses!


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