gone wandering in woods.

Probably my favorite kind of dresses are floral cotton dresses from the 1930s and 40s, they're just easy and pretty. I bought this pretty one just the other day, and it's easily become one of my favorite dresses already.

These days I've mostly been lazing about; I wander, read Voltaire. Take naps with my kittens. Debate taking up painting once again, when I spy my lonely easel resting in the corner, but remember how fruitless it always is. I bore so easily. or distract, rather. A million unfinished books and paintings and half knitted scarves. It's inevitable.

I'm still waiting on Winter to arrive, Fall even. It's been quite mild here and although I do like that sort of weather, a bit of frost would do to help me feel more festive. Something feels a little off this year, I usually get excited about the holidays pretty early but that just hasn't been the case lately. Maybe I'll dedicate this week to baking and pom pom ornament making. St. Augustine is still on the schedule since we didn't end up going last weekend like we planned, so maybe that's what's missing.

(I can't tell if these photos are really blurry or if my vision is just off from lack of sleep. having kittens is like having a newborn, I swear. I was awoken extremely early this morning by Beatrix jumping on my face. So, sorry if they are.)


  1. Oh it looks just perfect on you! Thanks for the mention. :) Enjoy.

  2. oh, thank you! and for parting with it!

  3. loving this pretty dress! found you through the velvet bird and love your shop! :D

  4. Your dress is so gorgeous, it reminds me a lot of a shorter version of the Virgin Suicides girls prom dresses!
    Also, I love that your kitten is called Beatrix :)

  5. Lucky you to have such mild weather over there. The pictures are beautiful, such pretty tress and you look adorable in that dress. Sounds so wonderful to have lazy days like that. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season : )



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