St. johns flea market

Saturday I went to one of my favorite flea markets, the St. Johns flea market. It's always so much fun to poke around in all the olde junk to see what I can find, and I usually leave with at least few little treasures. I only left with one dress this time though, it was just way too hot and it made it really uncomfortable to be under those hot tents and I just wasn't in the mood to shop after being in the sticky air for so long. I did however spy a few cool things that I was able to snap some photos of.

When we left, we went to lunch and I saw these pretty flowers planted outside. I'd really love to have a garden like this, only with ranunculus and poppies and sweet williams instead. After lunch I bought some taffy, which came in probably the prettiest candy box I've ever seen. As soon as the candies are gone (which shouldn't take long at the rate I'm eating them!) I'll probably use it to store olde buttons or other odds and ends.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter! I'll be posting some photos from today very soon! xx 


  1. Great photos! I love that candy box. I always keep pretty boxes and tins to store craft supplies and other odds and ends.

  2. Love these shots! I always forget to take shots while I'm out antiquing or thrifting! Gotta remember next time cause there are so many fun things out there! Wanna share some of these on the team blog?? :D

  3. thank you dears!

    @nicky - sure! did you want to make a post or should i? i've been such a lame blogger lately when it comes to the team blog, tax season got crazy for a bit, but now that it's over and things are calming down a little i should be able to jump back in very soon (after i catch up on my poor neglected shops!).

  4. love the items! and the photos too!!.. glad you found my new blog! hug for you!


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