The other day when I was driving to my brother's house, I spied an abandoned train a ways down the track. I've always loved exploring olde abandoned houses and structures, so I made my brother accompany me today to take a peek and snap some photos. Sadly, there was lame graffiti on many of the cars, which took away from the nostalgic feel quite a bit, but it was still fun to poke around and see what we could find. I joked with my brother that I hoped I would find some gold doubloons, but at the end of the day I only ended up leaving with a few olde railroad stakes and some giant rusty screws, which was just as well.

I really wanted to wear this little edwardian inspired dress but did not have a proper slip, so I ended up sticking some 1920s tap pants under it, which did not quite do the trick and also made me end up looking about three sizes bigger than I actually am. I think I'll hold off on wearing this one again until I can acquire a decent slip!

dress - urban outfitters
vintage belt - thrifted
brown 1940s oxford heels - ebay
vintage straw boater - borrowed from my shop


  1. beautiful dress pretty girl. I love these !! Makes me want to have a picnic by the train ! xoxox

  2. Oooh, I love trains. Some of my favorite movies take place aboard a train, and I guess I've spent quite a bit of time on trains myself, though none as pretty as those in films. Your outfit is lovely!


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