I've never really been someone who cooks. I've always enjoyed baking, but it was infrequent and rarely from scratch. But lately I've been throwing myself into baking and cooking, because it's fun and time-consuming and doesn't leave room to think about much else than measurements and stirring and chopping and cooking times. I have all kinds of amazing recipes bookmarked and I'm slowly going down the list and trying new ones. Many of the recipes are Autumn-y, so I'm waiting until it gets just a little bit closer to a Fall month to try any of those. I don't want to get all of my Fall excitement out of the way too early and spoil it for when Fall is actually here (as if that could ever happen), so I've been sticking to relatively 'Summery' or season-neutral foods for now. 

I woke up early yesterday morning and made these blueberry muffins from scratch. I think they are honestly the best thing I've ever eaten, which is so strange because I made them. I won't say how many I ate between yesterday and today (okay, seven) but they were amazing. Crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft, melty, and crumbly on the inside. I can safely say after eating these I will never use store-bought muffin mix ever again. And they do have a little nod to Fall, in the amazing cinnamon crumble topping. 

Tomorrow is my birthday. We had out-of-town plans for the day but those had to be re-scheduled for this weekend, so we'll be staying in town for tomorrow instead and I'll just have to celebrate my birthday twice (darn).


  1. I love baking things from scratch, but I just haven't had the time to do any baking lately.
    Happy birthday for tomorrow :) I hope you have a nice day, you've seemed really down lately. So enjoy yourself :)

  2. Ooh these look like such perfect muffins! Have a spectacular birthday!


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