Okay! I really cannot believe it's already July. This year is moving so fast, but hopefully that just means that Fall will be here before I know it. I usually allow myself to start being a little ridiculous about Autumn towards the end of July and definitely in August, so I guess don't have much longer to wait. I sneakily bought Fall candles the other day and recently pulled out my Beistle 1930s reproduction Halloween die-cuts that I got in Brooklyn last October and now I really can't wait to decorate this year. It's no secret that I don't like Summer, but since it's clearly here to stay for a while, I figured I would try to appreciate some of the better parts of this hot season.

Antique cotton clothing - After a long, self-prescribed moratorium on knick-knack spending, I finally broke my 'no antiquing' streak. I took money from my rent fund to spend on tea cups, vintage buttons, and antique cotton slips. When I mentioned it to my mom, she asked me but how many are for your shop? I like how my mom helps me justify my frivolous trinket spending habits. This antique cotton crochet vest was one of the things I bought, and I can see this being a staple all Summer long...I think it would pair nicely with flowy skirts and high-waisted shorts and I don't think I would die from heat stroke.

 Berries- available all year in Florida, but much always so much sweeter when the weather is hot. If I don't have pink-red stains on most of my clothing by the time Falls comes around, I'm doing something wrong. This little pink glass teacup is one of the new treasures from antiquing.

Lemonade is one of my favorite Summer drinks. I like it ridiculously sweet, like the kind you get at carnivals and state fairs, and I try to make it different each time- mint lemonade, black tea lemonade, and of course, raspberry lemonade.

And an instagram of the final product:

Summer, you're not so bad sometimes.

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  1. Stunning photographs, the lemonade looks so amazing,I love the pitcher you put it in!


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