improvements and a shop update.

I've been really frustrated with my shop lately, so this past week was dedicated to making improvements in my inventory (or lack of) and photo set-up. I posted an ad on craigslist last week stating that I was interested in buying vintage clothing from the 1920s-60s or earlier, not thinking I would get any responses, but the very next day I had an email from a lady who used to have a booth at a flea market in town. She sold vintage clothing there for years, but had to stop when she had a baby a couple years back so she had a bunch of inventory left over from her days of selling. She said she had a lot of vintage dresses from the 40s-60s, so we made an appointment for me to look through her stuff last Friday. She ended up being really nice and we shared many of the same interests, and I left with armloads of dresses, purses, hats, shoes and other odds and ends. I filled three huge boxes and two giant bags! I was so excited. (I'm sure many of the other finds will be popping up in my blog eventually, as I set aside many of the pieces for myself, oops.)

Saturday I made my mom accompany me to look at paint samples and new flooring for my photo area, and we ended up coming home with gray paint ("creamy mushroom") and samples of hardwood flooring to test out in the area. I didn't waste any time getting to work painting the wall so that it could dry overnight and I could take shop photos of some of my new inventory today, which I did. It's a subtle change, but I think it makes a big difference. The white paint was too reflective and made my old shop photos look washed out and shadowy, but I really love the way the gray photos turned out. I picked a brown theme for today's update, because I thought it would nicely bridge the gap between the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall (hurry up hurry up!). The lighter wicker basket bags reminded me of sunny bicycle rides and picnics and the rich, warm brown items made me think of hot chocolate and cozy fires. So it worked out nicely. (see the numbered links at the bottom to click through to the item listings!)

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The woman I purchased from on Friday told me about some great upcoming markets in the area so I think this Fall (when it's not 100°) I'm going to set up a little booth and sell vintage for a weekend or two. I'm so excited at the possibility of setting up my own little booth and making it pretty and boutique-y and selling lovely olde dresses and wares and I already have so many ideas swimming around in my tired little brain that I can hardly wait.


  1. That is such a fantastic idea to post on craigslist!!!! I'm loving your new mushroomy gray color too. It's so true that a good picture can sell an item almost on its own. I've been taking a loooong break from my shop and just trying to sell off what's in there. Now that my mom and I are opening that storefront, it just seems a lot easier (pin a tag on an item and hang it up!!!)

    I can't wait to see some of your new dresses :D

  2. i thought it was worth a try, but i really didn't expect anything to come of it. i think i got super lucky this time! i can't wait to hear how your storefront goes, it could definitely be fun!

  3. It's always fun to connect with other "vintage" people in person. Luck you!

    The grey looks great. I think it does something nice for all colors and materials. I, too, am trying to up the quality of the ol' Etsy store, and have been noticing the downfalls of white garments on a white wall. Unfortunately, my landlord says, "No paint!" So it goes... :)

    Kara of Fancy That Vintage

  4. thank you dears!

    i'm so fickle and indecisive that i'm already over this background/photo set up and i'll probably change it around again soon. oh, me


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