september twentieth.

I've taken a small break from blogging for the past few weeks, mostly to prevent this from becoming an 'I'm allergic to sun/I hate heat' blog as it was well on its way to becoming. I'm sure no one wants to read continuous complaints about humidity and inability to leave the house without feeling like I'm sitting in a sauna, wrapped in seran wrap, while subsequently being eaten alive by mosquitoes. (that's the last of it, promise.) Sadly the weather still hasn't cooled down at all yet, so I've been waiting for that first drop in temperature to really start getting excited about Fall, and back into blogging again. I just really haven't been motivated lately. I'm truly appreciative of my followers who've stuck around, and of anyone who has recently begun following during my blogging hiatus, and apologize that it's been a bit of a ghost town around here. I have lots of plans for my shop and blog that I'm really excited for, so I promise it will (hopefully) get a bit more exciting to read this ol thing pretty soon. 

For a few days last week I decided to pretend it was Fall despite the weather still being hot and way Summer-like, so I wore Fall colors (and even tights) one day, and went shopping and tried on cloche hats (in dirty mirrors) and bought enough cinnamon-pumpkin-apple pie-spice scented candles to last until next Fall. 

I started working on a little Autumn-themed photo shoot project for some of the shoes that will be in my shop this Fall, but those mosquitoes started attacking my poor exposed ankle bones so I had to postpone the rest of the shoot for a bit. Here is a little peek though! (if you follow my twitter or facebook then maybe you've already seen this peek).


  1. I know what you mean about being uninspired by the heat and humidity. Thankfully, we've had cooler temps lately around here, but I used to live in Atlanta, so yeah, I know. Speaking of mosquitoes though, we've had a higher number than normal too because of excessive rain. I'm sure they serve some purpose in nature and everything, but I really hate them. xo, Mary

  2. @mary it's the worst, it's actually gotten hotter rather than cooler. hopefully won't have to deal with it for much longer, though!

    @illustration poetry thank you dear!

  3. Love the autumny feeling of that dress and slip. I'm ready for it, but maybe... not... quite yet. So sad to say goodbye to flowy white dresses and sandals! Happy Wednesday!


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