more complaints about heat.

Last Friday I spent the day walking around St. Augustine with my mom, shopping and digging through antique dresses and eating chocolate truffles. Out of the things I left behind the previous time, I only ended up getting the black 1930s top. The museum shop wasn't as good as I remembered it being and the only thing I ended up still wanting was the pink 40s top but it had more pinholes and discoloration than I remembered and the lady wouldn't budge on the price. I ended up going back a second time just before we left though, because I decided I'd buy it anyway, but they had just closed. We also went to one of my favorite vintage shops, The way we were, and there were so many thing I wanted, but in the end I came away with a pretty antique harlequin print hat box, the prettiest burgundy lace 30s dress, and a yellow bow dress (that went right into my shop, because sadly I can't wear yellow). It was way too hot and I made the mistake of wearing patent flats (patent leather + hot weather = blistersss) so I was kind of miserable walking around in the heat with painful toes and heels, and it made me wish even more for Fall to come soon soon soon, because St. Augustine is so much nicer and prettier in the Fall (and because it's my favorite time of year).


  1. How cute is your outfit!? I love the hat. Sorry about your shoes, but now you know better for next time! :)

  2. thank you dear! it's hard to dress cute when it's this hot because my only concern is not melting!


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