needlecraft scans.

here are some scans from the march 1928 edition of 'needlecraft magazine' that i bought yesterday. i can't get over how lovely the everyday looks in the 1920s were.
 'for wee maidens'

 'smart new flare'

'for the smart matron'

'smartly correct'

even the ads are stunning!

i love the hair and the sweet little collar. now if only i could come across some of these dresses on my searches!


  1. Love these images, Cara! It's interesting that all the fashions have drop-waists. Too bad that style is unflattering on me :( Ha!

  2. I love this post! It kills me how stylish women were so long ago. They were "vintage chic" before it was popular:) Those coats are to die for!

    loving your blog-so happy we "met" on etsy:)

  3. i know! i need a time machine. me too, glad to see your shop is doing well!!


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