here we go.

oh it's late (by most standards) and i probably shouldn't be starting this now, but it's just been sitting here for months and i've been putting it off, so i might as well.

weekend recap: after months of complaining about the weather, wondering when it would actually start to feel like fall, it finally got cold here (it probably won't last, our weather is fickle that way). friday evening was the first chilly night this fall, so i was ridiculously giddy and excited, mainly about the fact that i could wear tights and not die of heat exhaustion. the plan was to go get my hair cut (way overdue- see how long it was?!) and then get hot chocolate, go home, and watch a movie with my mom (we have little movie-date night things all the time).

excuse the grainy, taken-at-dusk photo, but i just really wanted to document how incredibly long my hair had gotten. so i got a few inches lopped off (still really long!) and got super short little bangs. i asked my hairstylist to leave it long and give me a sixties sort of short fringe-y bang that i could push to the side when they got annoying (they always do). these are the picture i sent her before my appointment, to use as examples.

francoise hardy

and julie christie.

i didn't take any after pictures yet, except this one for a hat from my shop, fanciness.

today i decided to be pretty lazy, sleeping in and staying in bed on the laptop for much longer than usual, then i got out of bed and took some photos for fanciness and listed some things i had been meaning to list for a few days. the weather was so nice and i didn't want it to be a total waste of a day, so i decided to go to one of my favorite antique shops to browse around a bit. i don't know if it's a favorite anymore though, because the person who was working today seriously sat behind the counter chain-smoking the whole time. how can someone do that? i find smoking inside repulsive enough, but it just seems like common sense NOT to smoke in a small, enclosed shop filled with valuable antiques. i still really love it though because i always find cute things there, even if i don't buy anything (which i usually do!) it's still fun to look around at all the pretty things.

vintage tin toys

pretty vintage clothes

that red coat was AMAZING but waaay out of my budget. i almost got the little cream beaded 1950s cardigan for myself, but it had a lot of holes scattered throughout so i just couldn't justify it at the moment, although i might cave and go back and get it eventually. the only thing i ended up getting was a 1928 'needlecraft magazine' with the best fashion pictures ever (scans at a later update!). after the antique shop i came home and did some shop things, then put on pjs and resumed being lazy.


  1. Looks like a cool shop! I agree though, it seems a little odd to smoke in a place like that with all sorts of vintage/antique treasures all around. Great start to your blog - I like the clean look!

  2. i love your outfit in the first pic!!!.. and i love the hair!! great post! :)


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