holiday dress.

i think this is going to be my dress for either thanksgiving or christmas. it kind of seems a bit more christmasy though so i'll probably wear this one on christmas and keep looking for a pretty thanksgiving dress in the coming weeks.

1950s silk wiggle dress

i also bought these amazing 1940s heels to wear for the holidays, but much to my disappointment, they ended up being the tinest bit too small. i could have cried, they are too perfect and i wish they would have fit. but i put them in the shop so someone else can enjoy them as much as i would have!

black suede 1940s pumps

i bought a few other pairs as well and only one ended up fitting (although they are probably a tad too big), so at least one other pair will be showing up in the shop soon!


  1. sorry about the shoes!! but the dress is adorable! love reading your blog. XO!


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