st. augustine.

My cousin declared Saturday the 11th to be my fake birthday, since she wouldn't be here for the real one, so we put on our cutest polka dot dresses and headed to my favorite place in Florida (probably the only place in fl I actually like), St Augustine. We were going to make a stop at the st john's flea market first, but we got a bit of a late start so we picked up some sprinkle donuts and coffee and went straight to historic downtown. We visited the Lightner Museum (which will take up a whole post on it's own) and spent the day walking around and peeking into cute antique shops and eating macarons, and I kept finding pretty little gifts throughout the day; one sitting on the seat of my car when I got in, another mysteriously popping up on the table when I came to sit down, etc.

It was such a lovely day (aside from the weather which was disgustingly hot and almost unbearable) and I felt pretty special all day, like it was my real birthday. We ate lunch at a little wine bar that looked cute and promising but ended up being sort of terrible and awkward, but despite the odd, pushy owners and weird food we had a fun time at our little table and there were little white lights hanging across the ceiling, which pretty much makes any situation better. And at the end, when I came back from the restroom, there was a pile of gifts and a giant cookie and sparkler candles waiting for me and it was pretty amazing.

1940s style glasses - anthropologie
1930s swiss dot dress (from this post) - ebay
navy vintage bag - thrifted


  1. Your dress is so pretty! Love the bath tub on the porch:) And what a sweet cousin you have to give you a fake birthday with lovely gifts and giant cookies!

  2. St. Augustine is one of my favorite places, too, but it's been ages since I've been there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You both look ADORABLE!!! I love that old building with a bathtub on the porch :D And I'm still such a sucker for things with little birds on them! Don't think that will fade any time soon!

  4. eee that looks so fun and you both look lovely! Your photos are so beautiful too, they really capture the mood of your day!

  5. Awww. I love this. What a lovely day. So glad you had a great fake birthday. Love you and miss you! <3

  6. thanks everyone and THANK YOU COUSIN! can't wait to come to ny. xoxo

  7. My boyfriend went to college at Flagler in St. Augustine, and I used to live in Jacksonville, so I spent many weekends exploring that cute place. Actually, my bf and I are considering spending New Year's Eve there becuase it's one of our favorite cities. Stinks you ended up at a bad bar.

    The next time you're there, you HAVE to try:

    The Floridian for lunch or dinner (it is the absolute best), hit up The Hyppo for yummy paletas, and then if you need another sweet treat, swing by Cafe Hidalgo for a scoop of gelato!


  8. Isn't it the best little town? I live just 45 minutes away, so I get to visit quite often! I've been lucky enough to experience all of your wonderful recommendations many times! Thank you for the suggestions, and have a wonderful NYE! :)


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