cousin visit.

My cousin left today to go back home to New York, it was a long fun exhausting week filled with much eating and shopping and lots of silly girly fun. She arrived on Thursday and after I picked her up from the airport we went to a nearby mall in Orlando to eat. We ended up going to the Cheescake Factory because it was there and we were starving, and we got huge burritos/tacos that we could barely finish even half of, and then of course, I ordered a big slice of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to go. We got coffee and walked around for a little bit, browsing in Anthropologie, where I picked up a few of my favorite soaps and a pair of 1940s style sunglasses, and Urban Outfitters, which was even more underwhelming than usual but I bought a pretty 60s inspired lace dress on sale that I unfortunately won't be able to wear until probably October because it has long sleeves.

We went to bed pretty early because she was tired from the flight and I from working the day before and from last minute errands earlier that day, and the next day we woke up early to go to an estate sale that wasn't very good, and some antique stores that weren't very good either. We were going to have lunch on Canal Street but after driving up and down and not really finding anything too appealing at the moment we decided to have lunch at Mulligan's, a cute pub nearby which is a staple of mine so I knew we'd find lots of things we liked on the menu. After lunch we got frozen yogurt and then settled in pretty early yet again so we could get up early the next day to go to St Augustine, which I will talk about in a future post!

dress - urban outfitters like three years ago
sandals - target
vintage heart locket - thrifted
40s style glasses - anthropologie

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