our old stuff.

There's a little neon green building near my work that I drive past daily, with big blue lettering that reads 'Our Old Stuff'. I had driven past it before, on the way to other vintage shops in the area, but it looked so small and not very promising and I thought they sold only retro type furniture so I never went in. One day at work I got to leave early so I decided I might as well stop in and see what they had. Turns out, the look of the building is very deceiving, not only is it not a "little" building, but it's actually huge! Room after room of amazing things (not just furniture by the least!) and even a second large building that it's connected to.

I visit now almost weekly, and I always find the most amazing things. I love that weird little wall (except the poor deer!) and I've been obsessing over those tole floral sconces and the floral jadite salt and pepper shakers since I first set foot in the shop. Unfortunately, they are both waaaaay out of my price range right now, but the things I've been bringing home are just as good. I went in today and found so many things, I actually had to put some on hold for next week. But more on that tomorrow...right now I'm way too tired to function! night xx


  1. Ahhh, I LOVE finding new places like that!!! Looks like they've got some great stuff :D I'm a big fan of Jadite goodies... my favorite being an old cakestand that my Mama found for me! Have fun at your new found shop!
    Happy Saturday


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