like a dream.

i know i say this about a lot of dresses, but this 1920s lanvin dress truly has to be one of the best dresses of all time. it's simple and classic, and it's by far one of my absolute favorites. infact, i could fashion my entire dream wardrobe out of vintage lanvin.

all garments from metmuseum.org

from top:
1926 silk and wool couture dress ensemble
1923 spring/summer couture line
1925-26 fall/winter silk couture evening dress
1922 robe de style of cotton, silk, glass, metal
1923 spring/summer "roseraie" silk evening dress
1928 silk blouse- couture line
1946 silk blouse


  1. Ah, those dresses are fabulous! All those layers of fabric and detailing. I really love the 2nd and 3rd dresses...wish I owned something that pretty.

  2. That red beaded dress at the bottom is SO fantastic!!!!

  3. i know! those "beads" are actually made of ribbon! such a work of art.

  4. I also adore Lanvin Vintage gowns from the 1920's.A beautiful selection.I once saw a fantastic pink beaded gown for sale in a Christies auction in London a few years ago.I was fortunate to be present and see it in the flesh.It was soo utterly gorgeous.What amazed me was how little it sold for --comparatively! Something in the region of £1,200 stirling. If I had had the money at the time I would have bought it. If can can find a pic of it I will post it on the vintage fashion team discussions .

  5. Simply stunning! Especially the first one. I need to do more studying up on my vintage designers. Maybe Lanvin would be a good place to start.


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