new year.

these are sort of embarrassing and i can't believe i'm posting them, but they are the only photos i have of myself from new year's eve (standing on a toilet, no less) and i guess i don't mind that they're a bit silly, i think maybe they sum up my year pretty well. i took these before i made a grocery store run to grab some last minute NYE essentials, and i just wanted to be comfortable and a little bit cute.

pink knit 1960s sweater ∙ thrifted
 black suede 1940s heels ∙ ebay
1960s carpet bag ∙ dear golden

i actually spent new year's eve alone at home, drinking woodchuck and champagne and watching the rules of attraction and probably my favorite modern film of all time (among a few others), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and i wouldn't have had it any other way.

i don't make resolutions, but i do make lists. i'm constantly making them, i'm always jotting down things i would probably otherwise forget. but, there are two kinds of lists, the necessary lists that serve as reminders or dictate what is to be done, and then there is the fun kind. wishlists, pretty things you want to buy, fun things you want to do, places you want to go- and those are the best kind. here's my list for the new year, a little bit boring, but mostly fun, things that i'd like to do, eventually, one day, in the future, no pressure.

1. thrift out of town more. take day trips to far away towns and dig through shops to which i've never been and visit estate sales in places i've never seen.

2. take swing dancing lessons. again. when i was ten, my little friends and i went to a one-day swing dancing lesson, and it was amazingly fun, and somewhat easier than i imagined (the beginning stuff, at least). i think i'd enjoy it even more now.

3. take a train somewhere. anywhere.

4. finally watch boardwalk empire. who would have thought that my obsession with the 1920s and my infatuation with michael pitt could come wrapped up in one package that also includes steve buschemi and martin scorsese? i started to watch the first episode online but it cut off midway, but what i saw so far was amazing. which brings me to my next goal...

5. find more pieces from the 1920s. this has always been my favorite era, but i've found it so hard to come across garments/shoes/accessories from this era lately. my ultimate vintage-related goal for the year (aside from business things) is to begin building a pretty substantial collection of amazing 1920s pieces.

6. speaking of business related things, i really want to focus more energy on my shop this year. i had a good momentum going for a while, but got pretty discouraged around the holidays and kind of neglected it a bit. i have so many lovely pieces to list, so i'm planning to start having bigger updates, and getting some of my stock listed.

kind of awful photo of an amazing lavender 1930s dress that needs some tlc

7. i guess maybe i can squeeze in one resolution-type goal. i'm going to try to be less hard on myself in general, especially when it comes to things that aren't my fault, and things i have no control over. i know that was as vague as it could possibly be, but i think it certainly applies.
happy new year!!

8. how could i forget to include my objective to obtain and master the banjo? my effort to acquire one via ebay has thus far been fruitless, but i'm not giving up! i WILL learn how to play before 2011 is over, and fulfill my dream of starting a jug band. (i'm serious.)

9. i don't have a number 9 but i hate even numbers so i'm sticking this here anyway. maybe i'll think of something else i left out and come back and fill this in with a proper goal.


  1. You look so cute on New Years! Where did you get your jeans? They fit you perfectly. My bf and I also stayed home on New Years Eve. We had just got back in town and nothing looked more appealing to me than sitting on the couch in my jammies :)

    I'm also a compulsive list maker! I think it helps me to organize my brain a bit.

    I prefer train travel over plane travel anyday, especially for short trips. My bf and I were just talking about taking the train to NYC at some point this year.

    Actually, looking at your list is a lot like my list! I also want to expand my etsy shop and try to be less hard on myself. I am, by far, my own worst critic, and I think it can do more harm than good sometimes.

    Anyway, Happy happy new year and wishing you all good things in 2011!!

  2. i actually got them from old navy! i can never, NEVER find jeans that fit me and that hit at the right length, and i went there to look for a gift for someone else and they were there and on sale and fit so i snapped 'em up! c: i'm pretty short so most jeans bunch up at the bottom but these were the perfect length.

    i've yet to commute by train, but i'm sure i'd prefer it to a stuffy ol plane!

    happy new year! i look forward to seeing what you do with your cute shop this year!

  3. Love the 60's sweater!! How fun are your pic's!!

  4. I'm the same...I don't make out New Year's Resolutions. However, I do make birthday resolutions. I love making lists all the time too. I write them down on scraps of paper, post it notes, virtual post it notes on my Mac, my agenda, etc...

    I look forward to reading more posts.
    Rambles with Reese

  5. i looooove Eternal sunshine, its so beautifully made - i wouldn't mind spending the day watching it and drinking a variety of delicious drinks either. :)


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