christmas dress.

i know i've already said that i was probably going to wear that blue 50s dress for christmas, but i think i'm going to wear this one instead.

it's just a simple black rayon 1960s dress with a wide satin peter pan collar, and i think it's more suitable for my holiday plans this year, or rather the fact that my holiday plans consist of opening presents at my house, and then lounging around eating snacks and watching 'a christmas story' all day. the other one seems a bit too fancy for that sort of thing. maybe if i was going to a holiday party it would be more appropriate, but for now, i think i'm sticking with this one. of course, i'm very fickle when it comes to deciding what to wear and sticking to it, so there's every likelihood that i will change my mind again.

on an unrelated note, i found these little 1940s heels hiding in the back of my closet the other day. i bought them probably about 5-6 years ago at a thrift store for a dollar (and likely didn't even realize they were 40s at the time) and had completely forgotten about their existence. if anything, i think that is a sign that i need to clean out my closet more often.


  1. Oh, definitely that dress ... it's beautiful!

  2. Very pretty, chic.
    Lucy is out for a little hopping. Hope you'll come by when you get a chance. http://closertolucy@gmail.com


  3. I see that cute dress with some vintage mary janes! Lovely!! ~vintageprecious


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