shop update preview.

We had a bit more sun today, so I was finally able to photograph this weeks' shop dresses. All of the dresses shown (except the blue beaded one- I decided to keep that one for now!) will be in the shop this evening or tomorrow at the latest. If you have any questions about one of the dresses or would like to reserve something, you can contact me here.

I still haven't gotten around to putting my shelves up yet...I need to borrow a screwdriver (and maybe a ladder) but I think I'll have a little helper this weekend to assist with hanging shelves and picture frames and mirrors and all the pretty little things that make houses cozy, so expect house-progress updates next week!

my new little aloe plant and peace lily that are waiting for homes!


  1. those dresses are gorgeous and your home looks so so adorable!!


  2. thanks rhiannon... it's still pretty bare, but it's getting closer to how i want it!

  3. I really like your blog, it´s inspiring. And I have another special reason to like your blog too. My father lives in Florida and I live in Sweden. Because of our financial situations we haven´t met for several years and I miss him. But through following your blog I feel as if I get a little glimpse of Florida, the world he lives in. That I really like :) /Sara

  4. I love the photo of your plants. They look so serene sitting there in the soft light. Also, pretty dresses! Love those colors. :)

  5. I'd wear all of these dresses, they are so beautiful, great finds. I'm going to head over to your shop now to take a closer look.



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